PPP Multilink Connection

PPP Multilink connection adds load-balancing and to your PPP connection. PPP multilink sends packet in fragments spread

To configure PPP Multilink connection is first go to your serial interfaces that will participate in your PPP link perform no-shutdown and change the encapsulation to PPP.

no shutdown
encapsulation ppp

Then configure the logical multilink interface. You create the multilink interface, give it an IP address, and specify the encapsulation for it. On global configuration level, type this command

interface multilink NUMBER

NUMBER: this could be any unique number you want to identifiy the multilink interface.

ip addresss A.B.C.D NETMASK

A.B.C.D: IPv4 address for this interface

NETMASK: the subnet mask for the IPv4 address.

encapsulation ppp

Next, you want to configure something that can link your logical multilink interface to your physical serial PPP interfaces. This something is done with the multilink-group command. Type the following command at your multilink and physical serial interface configuration level.

ppp multilink-group NUMBER

NUMBER: the number of the multilink group.

The number configured should be the same at the multilink interface and the physical serial interfaces.

By this time, you should be able to ping your PPP peer. You can verify your multilink interface with the command "show ip interface brief" and "show ppp multilink". Here is the output of the show ppp multilink command: