PPP Enhancements

There are some enhancements that you can do for your PPP connection. These enhancements including compressions and reliability.

To configure PPP compression, go to your PPP interface and type (it could only compress in some IOS)

compresssion WORD

WORD: the type of PPP compression you want to use.

There are three compression type to compress data portion of PPP packets. These are:

  • MPPC. Microsoft mode

  • Predictor. This type of compression uses more memory than processor.

  • Stac. This compression uses more processor than memory.

When deciding which compression you want to use, you can decide based on your router's memory and processor. If you have more free memory than processor in your router, it could be best for you to go for the predictor compression. The same goes for if you have more processor resource than memory, you may want to go for stac. And as you may have guessed, you should configure compression on both sides of the connection for the PPP link to work.

TCP Header Compression

You can also compress TCP packet header compression for your PPP link. To configure this, go to your PPP interface configuration level and type (you might want to assign an ip address to the interface first before issuing this command)

ip tcp header-compression

PPP Reliabilty

If there would be many UDP packets go through the PPP link. You can add reliability down at the layer 2 link of PPP connection. This will give error correction and error detection at your PPP connection. To configure this, type the following command at your PPP interface

ppp reliable-link

PPP Minimum Quality

You can specify the minimum quality of your PPP connection in percentage. If for some cases, your successfull traffic goes bellow the minimum quality number you have specified for your PPP connection. Your router will pro-actively tear down the connection and try to reconnect. To configure this, type the following command at your PPP interface

ppp quality NUMBER

NUMBER: the percentage number of your minimum quality